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Walkathon 2011

We did it!

On May 15, 2011, a community came together to help AIDS orphans half a world away.

Despite threatening skies, 150 walkers participated in the first annual AIDS Orphan Care Walkathon at Lincoln Woods State Park in Lincoln, RI.  The raindrops held off until the last walker completed the 2.5 mile loop and ducked into the tent to enjoy the music.

Together we raised over $21,000 for AIDS orphans and HIV-positive children in Southern Africa!!

Walkathon 2011

For every person who walked, there were 5 others who supported them with a pledge. Supporters came from as far away as California, Canada, and Argentina, though the majority were local people who opened their hearts to children they will never meet but whose lives they have made better.The Hiebert family in Alberta, Canada couldn’t come to Rhode Island for the walkathon, so they held their own local family walkathon and raised over $500! Their team was named the Spirited Grannies.Coastal Medical sported the largest team, with Thundermist Health Center and The Motion Center close seconds.

The top adult fundraisers, Sandy Phoenix and Monica Raspallo, won a weekend getaway on Cape Cod and a fabulous Splendor Massage package respectively.  In the teen category, Isabella Crema won an iTouch and Tamara Upfal won a Nikon Coolpix digital camera.  In the children’s 12 and under category, Ilan Upfal won a pizza party and Nicole Kutenplon won a gift certificate to Toys R Us.

Many walkers won door prizes ranging from a salon package to a book basket, from cupcakes to Providence College basketball tickets.

We also had fun making peace flags with The Peace Flag Project, decorating brightly colored fabric with our wishes for a better world.  And Shriners clowns arrived to make balloon animals for us.

I’m seeing those bright purple AIDS Orphan Care Walkathon T-shirts all over town.  And all the money we raised will get more peanut butter to malnourished, HIV-positive kids.  It will buy AIDS orphans warm coats in winter, school uniforms and shoes, and even beds.  It will fund free school breakfasts and lunches for orphans who have very little food at home.  And it will help support the teachers at the Mamello Primary School, to give the orphans love and an education, in equal measures.

I’m already looking forward to next year’s Walkathon!

Walkathon 2011 Photos | More Walkathon 2011 Photos

Please Participate in the AIDS Orphan Care Walkathon


Walkathon 2012

Our 2012 walkathon is coming!  Join us June 3 at Lincoln Woods State Park in Lincoln, RI for the 2nd annual walkathon.  Our goal this year is to raise $25,000 for AIDS orphans in Lesotho.

Register today at!  Invite your friends and family to join your walk team.  And then ask everyone you know to sponsor you.

You’ll get a personal webpage to make donating easy for your sponsors.  And to make asking easy for you–just send out an email.  Or 5, or 10.

It’s fun and easy, and it makes a huge difference for AIDS orphans.

They’ll be prizes for the top fundraisers, and raffle prizes that everyone’s eligible for, just for walking!  And if you register ahead, you’ll get an AIDS Orphan Care T-shirt.

A beautiful walk, prizes, music, snacks, and a great cause.  What could be better?

Register today at and join the fun!

What You Can Do
Hold a Fundraiser

What do you love to do? You can turn almost anything you enjoy doing into a FUNdraiser:

  1. Fun-a-thonWalk, dance, read, swim, bike, shoot goals (soccer, hockey, lacrosse), serve at a soup kitchen—any of these can be turned into a -thon to raise money for AIDS orphans. Get everyone you know involved, get pledges and then have fun!
  2. Throw a house partyInvite all your friends and family to a party—supper, pancake breakfast, brunch, just desserts, even a potluck. Show the AIDS Orphan Care video, and speak briefly, from the heart, about why you support us. Then ask your guests to make a donation.
  3. Ask for donations to AIDS Orphan Care in lieu of presentsFor your wedding or Bar/Bat Mitzvah, or for your next birthday, anniversary or holiday celebration, let family and friends know that you have everything you need—but you’d like to share your good fortune with orphans who need everything. A donation to AIDS Orphan Care makes a very meaningful gift, especially when people get together to sponsor a big gift. How about a month’s worth of peanut butter for HIV-positive kids? Or a bread oven to help a small orphanage to become self-supporting?
  4. Have an art showAsk your talented friends to donate art of all types—paintings, drawings, pottery, photography, jewelry, painted furniture, crafts. Hold an art show and encourage people to bid on the items. This works especially well in a school, with the children’s art!
  5. Hold an auctionSolicit goods and services donations from local businesses. Ask everyone in your organizing group to donate a service (eg. tax preparation, a massage, a sailing lesson, snow shoveling, homemade dinner for 4, a salsa lesson, 3 hours of babysitting) or an item (everyone has something nice around the house that they no longer use!) Then invite everyone you know—and everyone they know—to come bid on the items in an online, live or silent auction.
  6. Launch a flamingo invasionBuy a flock of plastic flamingo lawn ornaments and plant them in the front yard of your minister/rabbi/pastor’s house (let him/her in on the escapade first). Following a sermon about taking care of orphans, make an announcement that the flamingos will be landing somewhere else in nights to come. Flamingo removal will cost $30, but families can buy insurance against flamingo invasions for just $20 (you know your congregation—set the prices accordingly). This fundraiser works well for a youth group at a congregation with a great sense of humor.
  7. Organize a concertEvery school and town has local talent, whether it’s a singing group, jazz ensemble, storytellers, or a dance band. With ticket sales benefitting AIDS orphans, who would want to miss the fun? Sell baked goods during intermission for added fundraising.
  8. Hold a tournamentScrabble, basketball, bowling, poker, spelling, or golf—invite individuals and teams to compete. Charge a registration fee, and sell baked goods and drinks for participants. Some tournaments also lend themselves to soliciting local businesses as sponsors, or having participants get pledges for each round they play.
  9. A Day’s Pay for AIDS OrphansStart a workplace campaign! Challenge your co-workers to join you in giving a day’s pay for AIDS orphans. Most people can afford one day’s pay—and for an orphan, it can mean the difference between going to bed hungry or having enough to eat. Create teams at work for some healthy competition, and see who can raise the most. Celebrate World AIDS Day (December 1) or World AIDS Orphans Day (May 7) by giving a day’s pay.

Let us know about your fundraiser—we’ll include your story on our website!

Double your donation. Check whether your workplace offers matching gifts.

Build on your success by making your fundraiser an annual event.