What We Do

We improve the lives of African children orphaned by HIV/AIDS.  Partnering with grassroots projects and incredibly dedicated local people, we help provide for orphans’ basic needs.

Our initial projects are in Lesotho, Southern Africa:

1) The Peanut Butter Project

The Peanut Butter Project distributes a 1-kg tub of peanut butter to every malnourished HIV-positive child age 1-17 at every medical visit at The Baylor Pediatric HIV ClinicClinics in Leribe and Qacha’s Nek, Lesotho.  38% of young children in Lesotho suffer stunted growth from chronic malnutrition.  Among HIV-positive children the rate of stunting is even higher.  Peanut butter is a simple solution—a high protein, locally available food which requires no cooking or preparation.  (Read more.)

2) The Mamelo Primary School Emergency Fund for Orphans

The Mamelo Primary School was established to serve orphans and HIV-positive children who, due to stigma, were rejected by ordinary schools.  The School’s Emergency Fund for Orphans gives teachers and the principal the ability to meet the basic needs of the school’s 210 orphaned students, whether it is buying a child shoes, a jacket in winter, or medicine.  In addition, the Fund will enable the school to expand their free lunch program to provide free breakfasts for children in need. (Read more.)